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Robot Picking Solution

An advanced robotic picking solution designed for the transport and manipulation of diverse objects. 

This automated handling system integrates the DG-3F model, a robot arm, and a vision system, offering optimized gripping methods tailored to the material, shape, and size of pre-learned objects. Ideal for manufacturing and logistics industries requiring efficient bin picking and piece picking of various items.


Description :

The robot recognizes objects in a box, moves them, and sorts them into specific spaces.

  • Object Shape Recognition: Optimizes the grip based on the specific shape of the object.
  • Collision/Interference Management: Effectively handles situations where objects are impenetrable due to collisions or interference.
  • Task Failure Detection: Identifies and responds to task failures, ensuring continuous operation.

Condition :

  • Object Weight: Up to 7 kg
  • Object Size: Up to 20 cm
  • Stacking Condition: One object per box, with the target object pre-identified.
  • Box Stability: Boxes must be secured when gripping objects.


  • Speed: Processes each object within 9 seconds (including recognition, grasping, and moving).

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