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Robot Palletizing Solution

The DS-PAL is a robotic palletizing solution designed for the efficient transport and manipulation of various objects.

This automated handling system integrates the DG-3F model, a robot arm, and a vision system, delivering optimized gripping methods tailored to the material, shape, and size of pre-learned objects. Ideal for manufacturing and logistics industries, it excels in tasks such as bin picking and piece picking of diverse items. 


Description : 

The DS-PAL solution recognizes box invoices and sorts boxes according to delivery areas. It performs palletizing and wrapping tasks using robots and automated facilities.

  • Efficient Handling: Capable of holding up to 5 boxes simultaneously for quick operation (up to 600 mm bundle = 120 mm x 5 pieces).
  • Rapid Start: Begins operations in as little as 2 seconds.
  • Invoice Management: Handles classification even if the invoice is unrecognized.

Condition : 

  • Object Weight: Up to 13 kg.
  • Object Size: Width x Length x Height – 530 x 430 x 60 mm.
  • Maximum Load Height: 2.15 m.
  • Stacking Conditions: Only one type of box per pallet.
  • Safety Requirements: Safety fences may be installed per site regulations.
  • Box Specifications: Boxes must have specifications written in barcode form on the exterior.


  • Throughput: Can load up to 1800 boxes per hour with 5 boxes simultaneously (varies by box size and loading height).

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