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Electric Parallel gripper

Experience robust performance with the DG-2F, designed to excel in the toughest environments. 

This model thrives in conditions where oil vapor, moisture, and dust are prevalent, ensuring reliable and repetitive task performance. It is ideally suited for precise object transfer tasks within the food and beverage (F&B), biotechnology, information technology (IT), and electronics industries.


This model features a built-in internal brake, ensuring that objects are securely held even when power is turned off.

Modular design

Our modular design allows the gripper's drive motors to be adjusted from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4, providing versatile performance options at a reasonable price.

Proven Durability 

Engineered with element technology validated by humanoid robot hand design, ensuring long-lasting reliability and performance.

Plug and Play

Fully compatible with UR, TM, Doosan, RB, our product seamlessly integrates with the collaborative robots, enabling easy and efficient setup for immediate use.

Explore More 

Watch our demonstration videos to see the capabilities in action.


Pick-and-Place Processes Requiring High Stability

Ideal for tasks demanding strong stability and precision in object handling.

Bin-Picking and Machine Tending

Perfect for applications involving limited gripping objects, ensuring reliable performance in various industrial tasks.

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