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Robot Picking Solution

A robotic picking solution that enables the transport and manipulation of various objects.
This is an automated handling solution that integrates the DG-3F model, robot arm, and vision system, providing an optimized gripping method according to the material, shape, and size of the pre-learned object.
It is suitable for manufacturing and logistics industries that require bin picking and piece picking of various objects.


Description : 

The robot recognizes the objects in the box Move and sort to specific spaces

- Object shape recognition, object-specific grip optimization 

- Coping with a state of impenetrability caused by collision/interference, etc 

- Task failure detection and reparation response

Condition : 

- Object Weight: Up to 7 kg

- Object size: Up to 20 cm

- Conditions of one object stacked in one box - target object must be pre-shared

- Boxes must be secured when gripping objects


Within 9 seconds per object (time taken to recognize, grasp and move objects)