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Vacuum Gripper

The DG-V Vacuum Gripper is designed for versatile applications across various environments. 

It quickly and efficiently adapts to objects suitable for vacuum handling. Customizable to meet the specific needs of different target objects, this gripper is simple, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. Ideal for straightforward object transfer tasks in logistics and manufacturing industries.

DG-V | Pressure sensor, solenoid built-in vacuum gripper
DG-V | Pressure sensor, solenoid built-in vacuum gripper
Built-in Vacuum Sensor

Equipped with high-precision pneumatic sensors, the DG-V can accurately assess vacuum formation on target objects, ensuring precise task execution.

Modular design

The modular design allows for versatile configurations, providing a wide range of performance options at reasonable prices.

Built-in Solenoid

Featuring an integrated solenoid, the DG-V is user-friendly and operates without the need for an external setup.

Plug and Play

Fully compatible with UR, TM, Doosan, RB, our product seamlessly integrates with the collaborative robots, enabling easy and efficient setup for immediate use.

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Watch our demonstration videos to see the capabilities in action.


Voltage: 24[V] DC

Current consumption: Max. 300[mA]

Communication:  I/O

Response time: 20 or less

Sensor: Pneumatic sensor

Pressure: 300~1300 hPa

Weight: 477[g]


Pick-and-Place: Efficient handling of simple objects.

Palletizing: Ideal for stacking and organizing items.

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