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Tesollo Inc. is a robotics development company, renowned for its specialized expertise and extensive know-how in advanced robotic solutions. 

Mechanism design
  • Mechanism Design Through Position Synthesis: Specializing in precise mechanism configurations based on targeted outcomes.
  • Optimal Design in Mechanical Mechanics: Expertise in structural and vibration analysis to enhance design efficiency and performance.
  • Performance Analysis of Serial and Parallel Mechanisms: Comprehensive analysis capabilities for evaluating complex mechanism systems.
  • Expertise in Multi-Joint Mechanism Design: Possesses proprietary know-how in designing multi-joint mechanisms such as positioning arms, robot hands, and prosthetic hands.
Schematic / Artworks
  • Highly Integrated Circuit Design: Specializes in optimal artwork technology for developing articulated motor drivers.
  • Communication Circuit Design: Expertise in designing circuits for external communication, including EtherCAT, Ethernet, CAN, CAN FD, and RS-485.
  • Noise Reduction Ground Design: Advanced ground design technology for effective noise reduction.
  • Circuit Protection and RF Design: Comprehensive know-how in circuit protection, RF antenna design, and impedance matching for optimal performance.

Firmware Programming
  • High-Speed Communication Protocol Development: Advanced technology for developing efficient communication protocols, ensuring real-time performance exceeding 500Hz.
  • RTOS-Based Communication Environment: Expertise in constructing communication environments based on RTOS for protocols like EtherCAT, Ethernet, CAN, CAN FD, and RS-485. Registered as a member and vendor of the EtherCAT Technology Group (Vendor ID: 0x00000CF7, Tesollo Inc.).
  • Multi-Axis Motor Control Technology: Specializes in force control-based gripping algorithms and PID control technology for precise position, speed, and current control.
  • AI Algorithm and Embedded System Integration: Proficient in integrating AI algorithms within embedded systems, enhancing functionality and efficiency.

Application Programming
  • Advanced Programming for System Observation and Control: Development of high-level tools including robot teaching pendants and cloud-based robot control systems.
  • Comprehensive Software Development Skills: Expertise in database construction and front/back-end development using AWS. Proficient in Android/iOS app development and Qt-based programming.