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Motor Controller


- High-precision current, position, and speed measurement

- Provides embedded PID and current-based position control

- Provides customized communication channels such as CAN, CAN FD, RS485, 232, EtherNet, and EtherCAT

- Motor controller for articulated robots with more than 20 degrees of freedom

- Development of a multi-drop communication protocol with a control cycle of 500Hz or more

Development case

- (2019.01) Development of humanoid 5-limb robot hand (20 degrees of freedom) motor controller and integrated system

- (2020.06) Development of a humanoid 4-limb robot hand (16 degrees of freedom) motor driver and FPCB-based motor sensing unit

- (2021.07) Development of motor driver and sensor unit for 6-degree-of-freedom two-legged/four-legged walking robot

- (2021.07) Humanoid robot hand (16 degrees of freedom, HYU_HAND (tentative name)) motor driver and integrated system development

- (2021.10) Development of motor driver for industrial articulated robot gripper (18 degrees of freedom, DD-Gripper (tentative name))

- (2022.01) Development of motor controller for 3-degree-of-freedom soft robot (current control)