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TESOLLO Inc., a blend of 'Technology' and 'Sole,' aims to revolutionize the robot automation market with its unique technology.


2024.01 CES 2024 Introducing Innovative Products in Robot Sector (Samjeong KPMG Report)

2024.04 Selected as a DIPS 1000+ Tech Startup


2023.01 Developed and delivered a frame jig to Samsung Electronics

2023.02 Registered as a specialized company in materials, parts, and equipment
2023.02 Applied a partial automation system for cafe robots focusing on human collaboration (PoC) 

2023.04 Selected as one of the top 100 startups in materials, parts, and equipment

2023.05 Acquired a TI-3 rating in technology credit evaluation 

2023.05 Developed and delivered process automation equipment for STAM Industries 

2023.07 Selected for LX Pantos Open Innovation program 

2023.08 Selected as a Deep-tech TIPS Tech startup
2023.08 Signed a contract with Changseong Precision to develop process automation equipment 

2023.09 Selected as a partner company by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) 

2023.12 Signed a delivery agreement for DG-C with Hyundai Motor's Uiwang R&D


2022.01 Supplied Delto Gripper 3F to KIRO

2022.02 Selected as an innovative startup guarantee institution 

by the Credit Guarantee Fund

2022.03 Selected as the 9th TIPA ValueUP program

2022.05 Selected as the 5th company for the BiiG WAVE program

2022.06 Selected as a corporate support project for technology commercialization

 in the 5G-based advanced manufacturing robot field

2022.06 Supplied Delto Gripper 3F to LG

2022.06 IBK Changgong Program Daejeon 2nd selection

2022.10 Selected as Hyundai Motor Group Open Innovation (Zero One Accelerator)

2022.10 Supplied Delto Gripper 3F to GIST

2022.12 Registered as LG Electronics partner (Subone)

2022.12 Supplied Delto Gripper 3F to LG
2022.12 Registered as a supplier to Samsung Electronics (iMarket)
2022.12 Obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification


2021.10 Signed a technology transfer agreement for a 3-finger multi-axis joint gripper with KITECH. 

2021.11 Supplied Delto Gripper 3F to KITECH

2021.12 Supplied Delto Gripper 3F to KETI


2020.07 Established a corporate research center


2019.01 Established Tesollo Inc.

2019.04 CEO Kim Young-jin selected for Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 

2019.09 Registered as a venture business 


2018.03 Exhibited at Slush Tokyo 2018 and selected as one of the Top 80 companies 

2018.10 Announced TESOLLO sensor technology at IROS 2018 

2018.12 Selected for an R&D project aimed at start-up growth technology development