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Mechanism design


  • Design and Manufacture: Expertise in designing and manufacturing mechanical elements and mechanisms.
  • Position Synthesis: Specialized in mechanism design through position synthesis.
  • Optimal Design: Utilizing mechanical mechanics, structure, and vibration analysis for optimal design.
  • Performance Analysis: Conducting performance analysis of serial and parallel mechanisms.
  • Expert Know-How: Possesses extensive know-how in designing multiple joint mechanisms such as positioning arms, robot hands, and prosthetic hands.

Schematic design & Programming


  • Integrated Circuit Design: Expertise in highly integrated circuit design and optimal artwork technology.
  • Circuit Protection and Design: Proficient in circuit protection, optimal design, and constructing communication environments.
  • RTOS-Based Communication: Advanced RTOS-based communication environment construction for external communication protocols such as EtherCAT, Ethernet, CAN, CAN FD, RS-485, etc. (Registered member and vendor of EtherCAT Technology Group, Vendor ID: 0x00000CF7, Tesollo Inc.)
  • AI Integration: Specialized in embedding AI algorithms into system integration.
  • High-Level Programming: Skilled in high-level programming for system observation and control using C/C++, C#, Python, etc.
  • Comprehensive Development: Expertise in database construction, front/back-end development (AWS-based), Android/iOS app development, and Qt-based program development.


2021.08 Developed a haptic device test board for robot remote control with 3 degrees of freedom.

2021.09 Developed capacitive 6-Axis F/T sensor electrical components with CAN communication.
               Developed capacitive 6-Axis F/T sensor electrical parts with EtherCAT communication.

2021.10 Developed flexible sensor electrical parts for a soft robot gripper.

2021.11 Developed and produced initial auto-micro pick sequence electrical parts for the Korea Life Research Institute.

2021.12 Developed Stuart platform electrical components for 6-Axis F/T sensor calibration.

Commercial development

2018.04 Developed and designed for mass production a motion presenter for presentations. (Technology transfer completed to Eletron Co., Ltd.)

2019.03 Developed a digital bulletin board for vision system verification demonstration.

               Developed and mass-produced the learning smart pen Nubo Rosetta.

2019.12 Developed a Bluetooth-based smart label system, including hardware smart label and a linked iOS app.

2020.05 Developed a smartphone sensor communication application, Sensor OTG USB (Android-based).

2020.08 Developed a golf putter exerciser, including Android app development, Bluetooth linkage, and Unix development.

2020.11 Developed 'Meallet,' a non-face-to-face ordering and prepayment/membership service (iOS/Android).

2021.10 Developed a steering system for ship installation.